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Fire season always has me scouring the web for satellite fire map information. Unfortunately many of the locations I find are outdated or not maintained well. What would be the best site to go to for the most timely fire data?

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There's the "Active Fire Perimeters" service on

You could also go directly to the source that Esri is using: I believe the ActiveFirePerimeters.kml link is the one you want.

Finally, NIFC is a good provider of up to date info although I don't know of anything they provide that is readily usable by a GIS (but I haven't look too hard either):

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The active fire map data from the forest service is up-to-date remote sensed data: Active Fire Mapping Program

They have the data available in KML among other formats.

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Also check out the MODIS subsets at:

Or you can download near-realtime hot-spots from FIRMS:

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I am using the feeds from the and to get the near real time fire locations and fire perimeters.

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