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First I'm new to GIS and this forum. Secondly sorry my bad English.

I use Atlas to auto generate my maps. Eevery "route" has a coverage. At times the "routes" are too close, so the lines cross and it is impossible to make out a specific "route". I really need some advice on this please.

Atlas already jumps from "route" to "route" take the .jpeg images for me.

I tried to use EASY PRINT but was unsuccessful.


The black is what I get by default. The red is what I would like to show for that "route" with the highlighted "route" name (red added with paint).

So, in short words, when that map gets generated for that "route" it should be highlighted and the rest of the "routes" must stay black. This needs to be done automatically: I have too many maps to do this manually.

I'm sorry if this topic has been covered but I did search and can't find help (probably due to lack of correct search, and poor English). I hope you guys understand and can help me as soon as possible. Thank you !

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Sorry guys forgot to say that it still got to stay auto generate have to many maps to do single by single manually – Willem Duvenage Jun 26 '12 at 0:11
The question is tagged "mapinfo" but it sounds a lot like you are using QGIS. Can you clarify? – underdark Jul 21 '12 at 8:44

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