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I am new to QGIS. I found the problem impossible to solve the parts of raster data that are in TIFF format should be made transparent. What do I do?

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I did not understand what specific question you have, since you only described your problem. I m quite new to GIS but I think I may be able to help. Can you please form a clear question that requires a clear answer? Note* I know that this is rather a comment than an answer, but I m currently still unable to comment.

Edit: Ok; If I get you right you want to achieve to make parts of your Raster(that is in TIFF Format) transparent. Actually this is quite simple;RasterLayer->right click->Properties->global Transparency. Here you can adjust the value. If you need it for specific areas only use the clipping method. (Menue->Raster->Extraction->Clipper). Hope this helps.

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You get my right,I tray your method bat i can not make parts of my Raster image (bleck parts) transparent .Can You sent me a specific what to do step by step . – Vladimir Jun 27 '12 at 7:09
What exactly did not work? I mean; Did you find the option to set the Transparency in the layer options? – Shepherdjo Jun 27 '12 at 7:25

The link below seems to be a similar question

It gives a step by step guide to doing so.

How to make transparent the background of a topographic map in QGis 1.8.0?

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