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I have a script that does a series of calculations, producing temporary data along the way. However, at each step of the script, data is added to the TOC and then removed when I call the arcpy.Delete_management function on the data. Before my script reaches the delete function, the temporary data that I've calculated is shown in the TOC. Is there a way to explicitly specify these datasets as temporary, or freeze the TOC during script processing. Example below:

class StationTypology:

    def __init__(self, areaName, bufferDistance):
        self.areaName = areaName
        self.bufferDistance = bufferDistance

    def BusinessDensity(self):
            # Make a temporary table in memory based on query of feature class
            query = ("""\"AreaName\" = '""" + self.areaName + """' AND
                     \"BufferDistance\" = """ + str(self.bufferDistance) + """ AND
                     \"UseType\" = 'Business'""")


            # Calculate the sum of floor space, from above table
                                      [["FloorArea", "SUM"]])

            # Use SearchCursor to access table records and store rows in a variable
            rows = arcpy.SearchCursor("in_memory\\businessStatistics",

            # Table has one row; access with iteration, grab value of SUM_FloorArea
            for row in rows:
                businessDensity = row.SUM_FloorArea

            del rows  # Housekeeping
            arcpy.Delete_management("business")  # Housekeeping
            arcpy.Delete_management("in_memory\\businessStatistics")  # Housekeeping

            return businessDensity

                del rows  # Housekeeping
                arcpy.Delete_management("business")  # Housekeeping
                arcpy.Delete_management("in_memory\\businessStatistics")  # Housekeeping

I am not sure if it matters, but the script is being called from a wxPython GUI launched inside of ArcGIS as a Python Add-In. The GUI contains a button with an event that triggers the above script.

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If you run the script from outside of ArcMap(IDLE shell), or as a script tool, temporary layers aren't added to the map. – Roy Jun 27 '12 at 17:20
I understand, but I want the scripts to be executed inside my Python Add-In GUI through user events (buttons). – Michael Markieta Jun 27 '12 at 18:11
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See the answer on the Esri forums.

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Modify the same options in .NET ArcObjects:… [C#] public bool AddOutputsToMap {get; set;} Though probably fairly obvious based on the ArcPy answer, I had failed to make the connection. – AHigh Jul 6 '12 at 17:22

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