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I am tasked with adding one feature to an existing app. It was built with OpenLayers and GeoServer. The task is to import a shapefile on-the-fly and have GeoServer render it instantly. However, I can't find any doc or tutorial.

Since a user can import any shapefile, the geometry type or the data structure can't be determined ahead of time.

Thanks, Fred

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You might take a look at the Open Source OpenGeo Suite, or the GeoExplorer as a part of the suite, respectively. They are supposed to support instant shape file upload using GeoServer’s REST API. (Although it doesn’t work for me… I always get the message that my upload is “incomplete”.) – hfs Oct 12 '12 at 12:02
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There is nothing already done, but using REST config you can do the upload, it should auto-configure itself (watch out for missing or invalid .prj files though) and then you can use it like a normal WMS layer, previewing it where you prefer.

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Thanks Andrea. That's exactly what I am looking for. – freddell Jul 6 '12 at 21:06

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