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I've been browsing the new ArcGIS Online credits policy, but I don't understand very much how much money this service would cost to my company.

I've read two webpages:

but I haven't drawn a conclusion.

In my company:

  • GIS web traffic (with ArcGIS Server): 4 people, who use 0.2 Mbps of the bandwidth
  • Vector information: 20 GB
  • Raster information (satellite imagery): 100 GB

I'm trying to guess the monthly bill, but I'm not able. Any similar experience is welcome.

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You can get a direct quote from ESRI too. That might be much easier than asking here. – blord-castillo Jul 2 '12 at 13:12
@SonOfabox - "trying to guess monthly bill" it sounds like you are looking at the amazon cloud offering by esri. My company uses ~$750 in amazon charges. This has nothing to do with esri. I just pay my annual maintanence and use my license on the cloud. – Brad Nesom Jul 2 '12 at 14:00

Review with up to date licensing and pricing info here:

May help answer your question and v handy links inside.

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Arcgis for organizations is priced as per user packs.
See this link for up-to-date pricing posted by esri.
Service credits are used for technical support.
There are other features not available in the personal account.
Use this page to compare features of the two subscription models.

The arcgis online personal account remains free with 2GB of storage space.

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