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Got a question about some GIS. I'm doing an investigation about the GIS that are used in my country. For doing this, I divided my questions into functional and technical questions. For the technical questions I ask about which data is used and what GIS is being used. Also in what programming language it is written. The fact if they use it only to store data and to visualize it instead of also using it for doing different kinds of analyses is also a question. If the data is integrated between different companies/municipalities on the same/other level is also important to me.

You guys think that there are other important technical sides of used geographical information systems? Thankx!

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Could you please elaborate on the objectives of your study? –  Aaron Jul 4 '12 at 14:20
I'm trying to do some research about what GIS is being used by the different municipalities and companies in my country. For doing this I will make an online survey they can fill in. But not only the kind of GIS they use is important, also in what programming language they use it, if they are using a geo-portal and if they make it accessible for their customers/inhabitants. I am also very curious for what kind of things they use it (traffic safety, planning, places at risk for flooding, ...). So for doing all this, I made a list of some functional questions and technical questions. –  NYannickske Jul 5 '12 at 7:29

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