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My QGIS Globe is not working: After starting it, that massage pops up in a endless loop:

UnsupportedOperationException: GeometryGraph::add(Geometry &): unknown geometry type: N4geos4geom7PolygonE

Im using xubuntu 12.04, QGIS 1.8.0, ATI graphic card and AMD X2

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The QGIS Globe wiki page mentions the following.

The following aspects of the globe should be reviewed for stability:

  • Multithreaded QGIS core: The globe was developed based on Martins threading branch. Since there are now basic locks to avoid parallel rendering, the globe can be run without a multithreaded QGIS core.
  • OSG-QT OpenGL adapter: The original QT adapater from OSG got updates in the meantime and OsgEarth includes a QT binding in its newest version.
  • OSG version compatibility: Some stablity problems could be caused by specific library versions.
  • Dynamic layer configuration: OSGEarth support for adding, updating and deleting (DEM or QGIS tile) layers dynamically is improving. QGIS globe should be adapted to the newest OSGEarth version.
  • Plugin startup and cleanup: There are problems on startup (window for OpenGL capability detection e.g.) and in cleaning up after layer updates or closing the globe window.

Your problem is caused by the OpenSceneGraph libraries as evidenced by your error message. It's on the QGIS issue tracker as well. There's no solution as of this writing.

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