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I have had variable success with photo2shape in QGIS. I can't figure out what is the success/no success prerequisites. Any thoughts? Currently I have a directory with all 334 photos having geotag data. QGIS stalls when photo2shape is set to work, and QGIS is hard to kill. On a test of 5 of those photos it runs fine.

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Which QGIS version and photo2shape is used? Maybe, plugin failed to process certain photo? – voltron Jul 19 '12 at 17:37
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OK, to use the metaphor that we users are merely standing on the shoulders of giants, he has shifted his weight to another foot......

Works fantastically !

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I love the photo2shape plugin in QGIS and I found that it helps to avoid excessively long file paths. I think I ran into the length limit on the number of characters allowed in the 'filepath' field a couple of times. In Ubuntu this doesn't seem to be a problem, but in Windows I recommend creating a special directory for photo folders in the root of drive C:

A shortcut to the new photo folder on the desktop can be convenient.

I have not experienced any more problems in Windows with photo2shape since I started doing things this way.

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I tried your method of putting the folder at the root of the drive, this gave a marginal improvement, the conversion has now progressed a little further but now hangs at 52%. I also took the precaution of removing spaces from the now much shorter filename, but no joy. My workaround is to use Geosetter to create a kmz, then extract the kml from that. – Willy Jul 21 '12 at 0:01

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