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I am running this on windows 7:

Postgres 8.4 postgis 1.5

I installed pgrouting, but I am getting the error: ERROR: type "geoms" does not exist.

so my question is: which version of pgRouting should I use?

I suppose I should use this one :

If the version number is accurate, what other possible causes for such error?

thanks for any advice.

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ERROR: type "geoms" does not exist. is not a pgRouting error, I think. Are you able to use PostGIS functions?

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I think I figured out where the error is. Dijkstra_sp get executed in postgres without any problem. However the error seems to appear in Java. I assume I need to install a driver that identifies "geoms" data type. – mustafa al attar Jul 11 '12 at 14:24

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