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I was wandering if there was a way to save a specific project with all layers as dependent files to make it easy to share with collaborators.

for example, create a zipped or non-zipped folder containing the same structure as the project :

                     \___Layer 1
                     \___Layer 2
                     \___Layer 3
                     \___Layer 4
                     \___Layer 5
                     \___Layer 6
                                     \___Layer 6
                                     \___Layer 7
                     \___Layer 8

If it does not exists, would it be tricky to develop regarding the current API ?

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Have a look at the QConsolidate plugin. You can install it from Plugin Installer. If it does not provide a complete solution for your need, look to its code for examples on crafting your solution with the API. Creating a custom directory structure for the layers will probably need to be added.

Another portable file-based solution is to use a Spatialite database. It can handle vector and raster formats, and is natively supported in QGIS's new Database Manager.

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I didn't know that plugin. That would do the trick for the moment. Many thanks – simo Jul 10 '12 at 11:40

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