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I work on several layers in arcmap 9.3 My question is about creating binds to display theses layers directly. like

ctrl+1 ( display / hide  layer 1 )
ctrl+2 ( display / hide  layer 2 )
ctrl+3 ( display / hide  layer 3 )
ctrl+4 ( display / hide  layer 4 ) 

I Didn't find it in the keyboard menu.

Is there a way of doing it ?

Thanks !

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What do you mean by "display these layers directly"? Do you want them to be the only visible layer when hitting a given shortcut? Or do you want to open the layer's properties dialog? – Petr Krebs Jul 10 '12 at 14:16

The options for creating shortcut keys at ArcGIS 9.3 are described in its Online Help. If what you want is not possible at that version then I would expect that it is at 10.1.

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I cannot imagine this being an out-of-box option within the application. In 10.2, you may assign shortcut to turn on/off all layers in the TOC, but not specific to certain layer names. Most likely you will have to develop either VBA or .net function using arcobjects that calls a command on keyboard shortcut (to turn x layer on or off).

Assign Shortcut Key to Command Snippet

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