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Does anyone know how I could create a line between two points that have a common code?

For example: I have the start and end point of a pipe as a lat/long for a network of pipes, each with a different ID. I want to create a line feature for each of those with the pipe ID which I can then calculate the length from.

Anyone know of any arcscript tools in ESRI software or QGIS tools I could use to accomplish this without coding?

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Which version of ArcGIS do you have? For 9.2 or 9.3, I have an ArcScript that draws the line and copies any attributes from the points to the line that you want to include. In ArcGIS 10, there is the Point to Line tool.

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The point to line tool in Arc 10 should work great for the orig. question. – user3461 Jul 10 '12 at 15:38

The plugin for QGIS has been improved and is now called Points to Paths

enter image description here

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There's a great tool to do this is located in the (free) ET Geowizards extension: Point to Polyline.

credit for finding this goes to my coworker :)

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I've done a similar process before but for beach profiles. As above, ETGeowizards Point to Polyline tool is what you'll need. You will need a field that distinguishes your pipe names and a field that orders the processing (i.e. that links the start and end points of the line together). I did this by adding a new field to the start/end points and then merging them together into a single point file before using the ETGeowizards tool.

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Is there a way to download the single tool without the whole package? – Michele Cordini Feb 11 at 10:17
Not that I'm aware of, it's a suite of tools. Why not just download the whole package and use what you need? – veedub Feb 12 at 10:38

I know Kosmo has a "Get Lines From Points" tool that does this. I'm also interested in hearing about a solution in QGIS!

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