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Greetings everyone, I am new to GIS development and was wondering if there are tutorials available for development in ArcGIS 10. I have some experience writing simple scripts in python and fooling around in model builder, and I want to take the dive and make an effort to become a real programmer. I need some more info to get a better grasp on doing some real GIS programming to make some custom tools in ArcGIS 10. Where/how did you guys learn all your GIS development skills? Any book/web site recommendations? Just an FYI I will being doing my coding in visual studio using the .net framework. Thank you all for your recommendations.

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ESRI have a heap of videos, and I think these are the best resources to get started. I would recommend looking at the ESRI Developer Conference videos At time of writing, 2010 is the latest

Each of these videos conclude with where to go next (additional resources).

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Just wanted to add a bit from my personal experience. I learned mainly as a by-product of employer needs. First with ArcGIS Desktop scripts, then extensions, then ArcGIS Server (SOE, Web ADF, and web API) programming. The best resource, in my opinion, was really the API and help documentation. When first breaking into an unknown area, I would read a bit of the conceptual help, then dive into coding and reference the API doc as needed. Then, if I would get stuck, I would use the Esri forums. Existing code samples would occasionally be helpful, but I usually could not find much that was applicable to what I was working on - that may not so much be the case now. The Esri videos and this great site were also not yet available, so those are certainly additional resources.

I'll add that I studied geography, GIS, and some comp-sci at a university, and I think it's difficult to get a really good grasp on GIS dev from "classwork," or from approaching things in a very general way. If you are with an employer that works with GIS, I would suggest talking to the GIS folks there to identify a need that would make a good little dev testbed for you - even if you have to work on it on your own time. Barring that, I would try to come up with some specific piece of functionality that you would like to have or that you think would be interesting to put together, then work on discovering what you need to know to accomplish that.

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I have a similar experience. It worked well for me! –  George Oct 30 '10 at 19:14

Existing code (in addition to the other answers...not in place of).

There's lots of it online in places like Google Projects, Codeplex, & Github.

It's interesting to learn from code for projects that are fairly active/in use and have a decent size user community. (Not that you can't learn anything from stale code repositories)

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