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How do I export layers as a dxf?

When I go to Layer > save selection as vector file the resulting dxf file is empty.

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Which version are you using, and what OS. – Nathan W Jul 17 '12 at 12:23
Had you selected something? – iant Jul 17 '12 at 12:34
I'm having the same problemm did somebody find a way to do it right mean while? – user22873 Oct 12 '13 at 11:11
This does not really answer the question. If you have a different question, you can ask it by clicking Ask Question. You can also add a bounty to draw more attention to this question once you have enough reputation. – user3461 Oct 12 '13 at 14:11

In QgiS: rightclick in left panel on layer and use save as and select Autocad dxf as export format - this works for me. areyou using qgis 1.8?

edit: I now also tried "save selection as", seems to work too

edit #2 : I enclose a screenshot from qgis: QGis with the layer to be exported to dxf

and one screenshot from inkscape with the imported dxf-file: one polygon was changed to a red-fill-color after importing

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Kurt, have you tested the resulting files? They don't work for me. – Allison Apr 29 '13 at 16:44
Yes, please see my updated post above , which now shows two screenshots. the second screenshot shows the imported dxf in inkscape. for one polygon I changed the fill-color to red after importing. – Kurt Apr 30 '13 at 4:46
Does it have to be unprojected? I was able to make it work if in WGS. And is there a way to get attribute info into the dxf? Some programming stuff in the empty box?? Thanks. – Allison Apr 30 '13 at 14:17
no it does not to be unprojected- I have no clue about your other questions, but I believe not that you can get the attributes into dxf.... – Kurt Apr 30 '13 at 17:26

I've just had the same problem: the dxf-file exported from QGIS seemed empty.

But when I checked the "Layout" in my CAD programme (BRICS CAD), it does exist. All I had to do was find the proper view, in my programme "View" and "2D-context".

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I had the same problem and I finally succeeded exporting from QGIS (1.7) to autocad doing the following:

1.- Select elements to export

2.- Go to layer/save selection as and choose the format "ESRI Shapefile" (no dxf!!!)

3.-Then use Arcv2CAD (has to be bought) to transform the shape file to dxf. That dxf can be opened by Autocad!! :)

There may be an simpler way to do so... Or even to export elements from different layers at once, but I have not found it yet!! :)

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