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I am trying to convert a shapefile to GML 3.1.1 . I am using gdal 1.9.1 however the GML conversion it generates for a geometry feature is GML 2 and it also swaps the long/latitude coordinates. Are there simple workarounds to keep the coordinate positions the same, while changing the output to GML 3.1.1?


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This is part of the axis order confusion, where some software expects (x,y) = (long,lat) (the Shapefile way), and others as lat,long (I suppose, the traditional spoken way?).

Read more about the axis order options in the GML GDAL Driver, which can be passed to OGR in either command-line or Python fashion. Try GML_INVERT_AXIS_ORDER_IF_LAT_LONG=NO (or is it YES?).

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