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I've dropped a point and then selected a svg icon. But now I'm right next to the other points I want to label. Now you have the svg icon, but be on the label, that is, the label may no longer be seen. Is this a default setting that you can change?

Thank you very much

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when you say dropped a point do you mean created a point? – dango Jul 19 '12 at 9:10

You have a couple of choices here, depending upon what is exactly happening (which I don't clearly understand from your description).

If you are using the advanced labeling toolbar, you can data-define your label's location (using x, y fields in attribute table) and use the Move Label tool to manually position the label.

See blog for info on using the new labeling toolbar.

If the label is not visible, because the new feature point has a higher priority, check the Show All Labels (i.e. including colliding labels) choice in the Engine Settings dialog of advanced labeling.

enter image description here

This will show the label, even if it overlaps something else, like another label or a feature.

Alternatively, if your points are overlapping, you may want to check out the Shift Points plugin, if you want to create a new shapefile with the points offset.

"Moves overlapped points in a circle around original position."

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