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I'm new in using c# and Arcengine . i would like to list table rows of a feature in a Listbox like select by attribute in ArcGIS such that when i click a button, table rows list in a listbox . i use two combobox to select layers and fields . how can i write this code in C# using Arc engine? i don't know how do i write loop for this purpose. i only know i want to run the application in ArcGIS then i use Ihookhelper and Itable.

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This is too broad a question to be answered here. I would suggest narrowing your question down to the ArcObjects side of it and learn how to create a UI on your own (try searching for Windows Forms or WPF tutorials assuming you are using one of those frameworks). – blah238 Jul 19 '12 at 22:44

I am not sure of the legality of this (found it through a Google search) but here is a training manual (exercises) from the ESRI training course Introduction to Programming ArcObjects using the Microsoft .NET Framework:

There is a lot of step by step walkthrough and code samples in there you may find useful.

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