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I am adding a Feature Grid in the Map page using this tutorial and I am not sure where exactly I have to add,

autoLoadFeatures: true

The tutorial says that I need to edit the feature manager section of the app.js but despite making the changes, I am still getting an empty feature grid.

Here is my code of the app.js that I modified,

            ptype: "gxp_featuremanager",
            id: "states_manager",
            paging: false,
            /*layer: {
                source: "local",
                name: "usa:states"
            autoSetLayer: true,
            autoLoadFeature: true
        }, {
            ptype: "gxp_featuregrid",
            featureManager: "states_manager",
            outputConfig: {
                loadMask: true
            outputTarget: "south"
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According to the tutorial you need to add autoLoadFeatures: true to the gxp_featuremanager section of app.js.

Given that your posted code has the line autoLoadFeature: true i would be inclined to say you made a typo.

Try changing it to: autoLoadFeatures: true

As the tutorial says, make sure you restart the application then refresh the browser. I'd recommend a Ctrl+F5 hard refresh to make sure.

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thanks, that is the dumbest question ever. Had a long day that is all I can say – Sam007 Jul 20 '12 at 5:37

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