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My model selects a feature class within a user specified file geodatabase, based on the output of an IF statement which checks the user specified string value e.g. If the user specifies a file gdb InputGDB and a string A, the if statement checks the string and returns true if the string is A. it then chooses the appropriate feature class FC_A within InputGDB and continues processing. The same thing happens if the user enters B, i.e. feature class FC_B would be chosen.

The same processes happen on the feature class, regardless of whether A or B is chosen. My problem is there is a third feature class, also sourced from the same gdb (let's call it FC_Common), whose processes always run regardless of what is happening with A/B. After some initial processing, FC_common must interact with A/B via a series of Intersect, Joins, selections etc. How do I set the model up so that I don’t have to duplicate the entire branch of processes for each option?

I've read a bit about the Merge Branch tool, and I think it's what I want, but I'm not entirely sure how to use it. I've attached an image of the model to show where I am having a problem.


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