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I am an entry level GIS user - I have had one semester of GIS in college.

I have successfully downloaded raster satellite imagery from Seamless (tiff files) for my class project.

Now I am trying to develope my GIS skills by volunteering with a non profit group that is doing environmental work with fishing villages in Cambodia.

I would like to download free satellite imagery of central Cambodia - similar to what I did with the Seamless data, to begin my geoprocessing project, any recommendations?

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Great idea. What do you wish to accomplish with the geoprocessing project? – Aaron Jul 21 '12 at 3:36
Are you looking for Potential Fishing Zones (PFZ) in Cambodia... For PFZ you need to download Oceansat datasets not the landsat or any other. – kishor Sep 22 '12 at 11:12

Glovis is one of the best places to start compiling free satellite imagery. For a new user, LANDSAT imagery is a great place to start - you will be able to find data covering the 1970's to present day. There is also a wealth of information available for working with this data. For example, if you are using ArcGIS you can quickly learn how to develop a landcover map. This page lists some free data viewers that you may find useful.

Here is the Quick Start guide to using GLOVIS.

Here is some supplementary GIS data specifically for Cambodia.

Even more Cambodia data in the form of an interactive geographic database. This one seems to focus on historical information, but does include free satellite imagery.

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List of all website providing free Satellite images available here on this site

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In this digital era there TONS of data out there. Some will be useful for you other useful for others. - Define what you trying to measure, and what you need to measure it.

Check , and its products. There are tons of scientific data expanding all over the globe.

Just to expand the answer a bit: You can find a list of the products with descriptions and Et cetera at

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Earth Explorer would be a great place to look for satellite and aerial imagery along with data such as "Forest Carbon Sites". A really interesting project would be to look at canopy cover change over the last 30 years using Landsat imagery.

enter image description here

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