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I am trying to improve OpenStreetMap in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

A way I am doing this is to add temple locations. I hear that there is a dataset of temple locations available from Wikipedia (presumably amongst a broader dataset of POIs on Wikipedia).

How to extract these POIs from Wikipedia? Placeopedia used to have them, apparently, but now it's down.

One way I tried to do this was to download Wikipedia POIs in the Android app called OSMAND+. This, however, is in .OBF format.

Does anyone know how to convert from .OBF format to another one like .KML so I can view the file in JOSM and add missing temples?

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The answer here may help - it links to the Wikipedia dump files.

If the temples have been geocoded you may be able to extract their coordinates by parsing the CSV files.

Good luck, Steve

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There is a website which you can look into:

Here you can download POIs from wikipedia for a particular location.

All the POIs visible in the browser would be downloaded.

Regarding Obf , its a binary format and I dont think it can be converted to any other format.

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I was also trying to open obf file in GIS Software. But it is not possible to convert an obf file into kml or shape file. The obf format is a binary format used only for osmand.

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