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Has anyone had success using OpenLayers and the ArcGISCache layer beyond the examples? I'd like to mix tiles with different resolutions and although they seem to scale correctly they do not translate correctly. Code to translate the tiles appears to be missing with the exception of a % translation necessary after the scale:

transformDiv: function(scale) {

    // scale the layer div = 100 * scale + '%'; = 100 * scale + '%';

    // and translate the layer div as necessary

    var size =;
    var lcX = parseInt(, 10);
    var lcY = parseInt(, 10);
    var x = (lcX - (size.w / 2.0)) * (scale - 1);
    var y = (lcY - (size.h / 2.0)) * (scale - 1); = x + '%'; = y + '%';
  • ESRI

It appears that ArcGIS JSAPI has an even greater limitation...all the tiles must have exactly the same resolution. Can someone from ESRI discuss/confirm this limitation?

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Yes, I can confirm that when you create a cache, every tile in every scale level is dictated by one DPI setting for resolution. You could potentially workaround this with a bodge, but longer answer = new q.… – Simon Jul 25 '12 at 13:12

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