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I want to use OpenStreetMap data for an ArcEngine application I'm working on, and I need the data to be stored locally. I don't want to download the entire planet.osm file, but rather by state, county, region, etc. Are there any resources where I can download OSM data by geographical region?

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Portions of OSM data consisting of a specific geographic area are called Extracts.

Extracts within the USA are only available by states and a few metropolitan areas. . These are often updated daily (unlike cloudmade, which hasn't updated theirs since December!)

If you want something more specific like a county or a municipal boundary), you can download the appropriate state extract and then use a tool like osmosis to filter out all data within a specific area to create your own 'extract'.

3: and

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You can also check out these sites for osm and open gis data.

  1. OpenStreetMap Extracts, here
  2. OpenStreetMap derived data, here
  3. Open GIS data, here
  4. GIS Datasets, here

in addition to these;

Planet.osm/diffs here and here

i hope it helps you...

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I found that CloudMade's downloads site suits my needs for downloading regional data. Their site offers downloads of entire continents; sections of continents (such as Middle Africa); and states, provinces and other sorts of smaller regions for most countries.

I did find, however, that CloudMade does not currently serve single US county downloads.

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it looks like that CloudMade service is no longer available - it 404's now, at any rate – Stephen Lead Sep 3 '14 at 6:57

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