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Are there any free public services where I can send one point in a coordsystem and it returns the point reprojected in a specified coordinate system?

I will not be doing many requests, for now it is just for a demo.

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This would certainly be a cool new feature to add to – DavidF Oct 28 '10 at 13:32
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Looks like MassGIS has one: Looks like it is only in the ESRI, non-open flavor though.

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use proj4
cs2cs can reproject a point or even a file of points

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cool! I actually tried proj4js and it seems to work fine except for some little bugs ;-) – Enriquev Oct 29 '10 at 12:37

This already exists on, but it is not widely publicized. Pass in some GeoJSON of your point and out will come a reprojected point. This is used to drive the map in the existing interface.

If something starts pounding the heck out of it, expect that we'll turn it off. You have been warned :)

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Nice! And no worries, it only for a demo I wont over hit it :-) – Enriquev Oct 29 '10 at 12:36

GIS Lounge has online and offline converters listed here:

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I realise that this question is a little old now, however we have a great new site that allows you to do just what you ask.

More details about the Geodetic Calculator can be found at:

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I found but you need to register and it only supports a few coordinate systems and postal code queries.

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Try Online CS2CS - it uses proj4 and allows you to select all known coordinate system and change parameters or define your own coordinate system.

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