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How can I reconfigure a PolylineMZ feature class in a way as shown in the image below?

I have a feature class (PolylineMZ) which contains x-sections. Some x-sections (polylines) are badly constructed (as shown below in figure "a"), so I want to dismantle and reassemble them again in the right order. By "right order", I mean that I want to join the points that are closest to each other (as shown below in figure "b").

Any idea for an existing tool? Preferably in Arc 10.

3 polylines with vertex points

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you can make feature vertices to point then use this tool test this tool Point to line

you may need to save the original polyline attribute to use it as Line_Field , if you have intersecting lines and the distance between them is greater than the distance between each point and another.

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Its not exactly what I was looking for but it will do the trick after some tweaking. Below some more details. – Tomek Jul 31 '12 at 13:28

As per above answer: Feature vertices to point and Point to line will work, if we have calculated proper sequence of points in the XSection. Probably there is few ways of achiving this. I decided to use Sort which helps me to sort points by section (unique ID of XS) and X coords within the section. In my case it is good enough to use X coords as all sections are in more/less the same direction. When objects are sorted from min. X coord. to max. X coord. just populate new field with unique ID (Field Calculator). Ie.:


counter = 0
def uniqueID():
  global counter
  counter += 1
  return counter



After this I could use Point to line tool.

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