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Have anyone tried to use a protected dll inside an ESRI Add-In for ArcGIS Desktop? We use a 3rd party company to protect our .NET dll-s before we package them.

This has worked for ArcGIS extensions before but now when try to do the same for an Add-In ArcMap keeps crashing as soon as we try to call functionality from within a protected dll. Calling this protected dll from outside ArcGIS Desktop works fine.

Workflow: 1) Compile dll-s from Visual Studio 2) Change the file extension from .esriAddIn to .zip and unzip the contents 3) Protect the dll-s using 3rd party software 4) Zip the folder and change the extension back to .esriAddIn

The Add-in installs fine with ArcMap and it launches the forms.

Anyone has got any ideas on why this doesn't work?

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As it's been almost a year without any attempt to answer this I'm closing it as too localized. In any case, this sounds like one to send to Esri Customer Service. – matt wilkie Jun 21 '13 at 23:03