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I have a shape file of golf courses saved as points, I would like to digitise the boundaries and add the polygons to the existing attribute table. I have opened editor and clicked on the point data shape file but have no option to create a polygon.

Thank you

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You need to create a new shapefile as polygon - this can be done in ArcCatalogue or using the toolbox Create Feature Class (Data Management)…. – Mapperz Jul 26 '12 at 15:51

Your task is slightly more complicated than you would expect. You will need to create a separate polygon shapefile/featureclass. I would approach the problem as follows:

  1. Add a new shapefile or feature class to your project (right click on folder/feature dataset > new Shapefile/Feature Class... > feature type "Polygon"). Make sure to define your coordinate system if you are working with a shapefile. If you are familiar working with file geodatabases, I would recommend using it to sync the coordinate systems and simplify the area calculations of your polygons.
  2. Open the editor and digitize your polygon boundaries. Save edits.
  3. Use Spatial Join (ArcToolbox > Analysis Tools > Overlay) to join the attributes from your golf course point shapefile/featureclass to the attributes of your newly digitized golf course polygon shapefile/featureclass.

If you need additional help digitizing polygons, see this GISse link.

Best of luck...

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