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Hello I have the following problem:

I created a grid in QGIS. For some unknown reason QGIS doesn't tesselate the plane correctly. Sometimes there are polygons with different "id" that represents the same portion of the area. I loaded the Shapefile into postgis (without noticing this) and began to have troubles in queries. When I look for the problem I saw that sometimes 2 or even 4 polygons represent exactly the same region. How could I delete those repeating polygons?

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For my_table where gid is the primary key and geom is the geometry column, try:

DELETE FROM my_table
    select max(dup.gid)
    from my_table as dup
    group by geom);

Note: make a backup of this table beforehand, in case things go wrong.

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I not sure if this really works in all situations. I think that group by, = , ... on geometries operates with the bounding box and not with the real geometry, – Francisco Puga Aug 16 '13 at 15:34

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