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First off, I am new to GIS. I am using qgis (1.8.0), and have been given a shapefile containing .shp, .prj, .shx, .dbf, however qgis will not load the .prj file stating an invalid data source. Altering the project properties>CRS to WGS84 Epsg:4326 gives correct latitude for the project but incorrect longitude.

The .prj file reads:


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The shapefile format consists of several (at least 3) computer files. To load a shapefile into QGIS you point to only the *.shp. The others are read automatically. QGIS does use the *.prj to determine the coordinate system of the data. From the *.prj you quoted above it seems to be in the coordinate reference system EPSG:27700. Here's the spatialreference.og link to a descriptiojn of that CRS.

Now you should be able to enable "On-the-Fly" reprojection and show this layer in any CRS you choose, such as 4326, as you already did. Why do you think the longitude is wrong?

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