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i have a problem with refreshing layers.
I have WMS and WFS layers from one source. I edit WFS and after do wms_layer.redraw(true) but layer redraw only after zoom in or zoom out.

Same with WFS. i have wfs_layer.visibility=false and do wfs_layer.visibility=true wfs_layer.refresh({force:true}). And layer refresh only after zoom in or zoom out.
For do this operations i gonna do a something special?

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I'm not sure but for manipulating of visibility of layers you should use setVisibility method of layer not set up visibility property directly. –  drnextgis Aug 1 '12 at 6:38

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For redraw WMS layer use redraw method of OpenLayers.Layer.HTTPRequest. For example:


Refresh method doesn't pass any parameters, so for redraw wfs layer use the following syntax:

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