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How to highlight area in KML googlemaps on mouse-over event?

I am trying the same thing as this example How to highlight the area in google map on mouse hover

I saw the example given with polylines on the same link above. But is the same thing possible with KML. I have KML for various regions, But now what i need is to display them in the same way as shown in the wiki-link(wikimapia) or may be in this way -

According to what i have found out, the mouse-over event of a KML does not work as of now. So we have to find a way around to this, as in the example of polylines mouse-over event of tables is used as well if we go through the source code of "" they have used mouseover event on div tag, but i dont understand how.

Does any one know how this should be done? Any suggestions, highly appreciated.


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