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I've got a problem here. I already changed the format from Tab file into Shp file using MapInfo suggested by friends here.

My question is, after we set all the layer into the right coordinates, even using Google Earth to set the coordinates, but when added as a new layer, the size of the layer added seems bigger than the one in the google earth layer (meaning that the Google Earth layer is so small when it extent)

How can I change the size of the layer so that the point in Google Earth matches the one with the layer added afterward? Do I need to re-size the layer or another way? Someone please help! Thank you...


enter image description here

My 1st layer capture from GE using mapwindow GIS

2 enter image description here

I didn't click the full extend button yet. This is my 2nd layer and it shows the 2nd layer was purple in color were actually a mega size layer. i think around more than 50 times bigger than the first layer.

3 enter image description here

This layer after full extend. and i cannot manage to find the 1st layer at all because it is too small.

Q: How can I change the size of the 2nd layer so that it will be the same size as the first layer with the same coordinate?

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What Projections are you files in? a simple right click on the layer will show you the projection info. They will both need to be in Geographic WGS84 to - your likely to need 'super overlays for the images - – Mapperz Aug 7 '12 at 21:09

The question is not clear but I would use QGIS to open the file (should open most formats) then reproject (file--save as and change CRS) to a new format (GE is not meant to be a tool for projecting files). What is the info in your prj files?

Hope this helps, I can try to help if you provide more details/screen captures of what exactly you want to do.

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okay, everyone talk about QGIS. Is it different than ArcGIS 10?? Or i need to buy the product...i will try to upload the picture. TQ – dark_kaoru Aug 7 '12 at 3:52
it is free – GeorgeC Aug 7 '12 at 4:02

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