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I'd like to create a 30 min drive time polygon around 400 separate points I have plotted to google maps.

I have discovered but this seems to freak when you get near the sea (many of my points are).

And also which works well, but I can't then extract the polygons in .KML form.

Anyone come across any tools able to help me?

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There is the Route360 API that also works with Google Maps.

It offers quiet a few functionalities. Including different modes of transportation or the intersection of polygons

transit routing Berlin

As well you can add a few hundred points at once and see the result:

multi point travel times

It works for most countries in Europe and North America

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check out this example here which uses arcgis service time geoprocessing service and google maps.

if your points locate in US, u can use CreateDriveTimePolygons from ESRI here. you need to do is that write Input Location, Drive Times and format as json then execute your process.

beside this you should check out similar ques.:

  1. Creating drive time polygons using open source tools, here
  2. Can you make a travel region polygon with with Google Maps API?, here

Example Input Location:


enter image description here

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Works for Canada too. – Mapperz Aug 8 '12 at 13:34
My points are all Australian based. Very low knowledge of code - just want to take a tool like Cartoo and extract into KML so I can combined 400 data points onto one single map. – chris Aug 9 '12 at 1:45

Disclaimer: I work for iGeolise

You can use the TravelTime API to draw maps based on drive times here, it works for location-based searches (for consumer-facing sites for example) or one off maps.

This example is for drive times from Norwich, UK. There are multiple polygons for 15 minute intervals from 15 mins - 1 hour, starting at midday. It uses lat/ long points translated onto the map. If it's just the data you need, it can also extract postcodes from the area in a list rather than a visual map format. Norwich drive times

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I know this post was from a while ago, but we ran into the same problem so we went off and built it as a premium service for our Google Maps enterprise offering. Needless to say it is a paid solution, so I am not going into a marketing pitch on a technical forum.

However, this was one of the first posts that I found when I was actually looking fora solution even if I had to pay for it... I didn't want an ESRI server, so we setup a OSM server with road networks and use pgRouting on top and then packaged it up as a web service for those who are interested how we built it. I am happy to share more details if you prefer to build something similar rather than licensing it:

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I was looking about for this tool for a bit. Quite bizarre its not readily available. As a budget conscious non coder my options were limited.

You could try

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