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I would like to save a forecast which is saved as geoTiffs into a postgresQL database. I've been able to import the rasters using:

raster2pgsql -s 0 -I -d tiff/field*.tiff -F public.latest | psql -d optigrid

THis gives me a table latest which looks like

rid  | rast  | filename
1      ...     field1.tiff
2      ...     field10.tiff

and so forth.

However I would like to add another column which stores the time the forecast, something like

rid  | rast  | filename      | forecast_date
1      ...     field1.tiff      2012-08-09
2      ...     field10.tiff     2012-08-10

Is this possible?

Thanks Matt

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Try with something like ALTER TABLE followed by UPDATE. I mean:

ALTER TABLE public.latest ADD COLUMN forecast_date date;

UPDATE TABLE public.latest SET forecast_date = (...)
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