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i am new to postgresql/postgis can anyone explain in steps about how to store the spatial data and retrieve the spatial data and visualise in map in a proper steps.. pls . its very urgent..

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You will greatly increase your chances of getting a good, fast answer by following some great advice offered by another SE user: "Some people ask great questions. They provide necessary context; the question is short and clear and easy to understand. It's well defined. And then they've done a bit of research - they give a link to some man page or a support site or whatever. The question will provide an interesting insight into use cases or conflicts in different documentations or whatever." – whuber Aug 10 '12 at 12:50

Using Quantun GIS, for example,you can accomplish all of what you asked. QGIS has plugins for uploading shapefiles into PostGIS, and a DB manager plugins for handling the data. And you can, of course, view PostGIS based spatial layers in QGIS. If you choose this route, then after installing QGIS, have a look at the online manual (a work in progress) and yu can post back here with more specific questions.

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