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Is there a possibility to use map tiles from AndNav (created wit Mobile Atlas Creator) that are in format:

Mapnik\12\2241\1369.png.andnav (I know that 12 is the zoom level but don't have idea what is 2241 and 1369...)

as an input for OpenLayers.TMS layer?

I found information that I could use local tiles with TMS:

Unfortunatelly, I can find any place where AndNav map format is documented and reading sources didn't helped me too much.

Would anyone could help me?

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Does it need to be andnav? mbtiles + openlayers (or leaflet), with or without TileStache is a nicer combination. – BradHards Aug 12 '12 at 20:55
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i think you should check out OpenLayers.Layer.XYZ for your cache. U can find more information in net.

Tile machanism is

Z - zoom level
X - folder name
Y - image name

your url is z/x/y.png and dont forget to check out geturl function too

i hope it helps you...

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I didn't try that but it sounds like the way I should do this. Thanks! – matekm Aug 13 '12 at 10:18

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