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I want to get all field names present in a feature class using queryfilter programmatically.

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What methods have you tried, how far did you get, and where specifically do you need help? – whuber Aug 13 '12 at 14:05
Thanks whuber.....i used query filter to get selected field names.....pQueryFilter.SubFields = "city_population,city_id"....but i want all the field names without passing them within quotes( " ")....any help ! – Navish Aug 14 '12 at 3:53
Presumably this is for ArcGIS, right? (It's a good idea to put these details in the question itself.) – whuber Aug 14 '12 at 11:55
Yes,featureclasses are stored in a pgdb.... – Navish Aug 16 '12 at 3:39
If you want all fields, just specify "*" as the IQueryFilter.SubFields property. Otherwise, you can access the list of fields through IFeatureClass.Fields. – Petr Krebs Aug 16 '12 at 20:31

ESRI has excellent documentation for everything. With a quick search you would most probably get what you want. Below snippet is slightly modified version copied from there

Public Sub DisplayDistinctFieldAliasNames(ByVal featureClass As IFeatureClass)
        Dim fields As IFields = featureClass.Fields
        Dim field As IField = Nothing

    For i As Integer = 0 To fields.FieldCount - 1
        field = fields.Field(i)
    Next i
End Sub
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"ESRI has excellent documentation for everything" -- not sure if serious. – blah238 Aug 16 '12 at 18:33
@blah238 - at least for the desktop SDK, its god :-) – vinayan Aug 17 '12 at 0:53

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