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Trying to use the arcgis python command LAStoMultipoint_3d as seen here.

I'm running the code snippet against one of my LAS files. It creates a .shp, sbx, shp.xml, shx and dbf file. However, the files are empty.

The code is as follows:

#import script modules
import arcpy
from arcpy import env

env.workspace = "D:\myFolder\"

                         "D:/myFolder/Output" , 1.5)

print 'done'

The code executes and creates empty files. I have tried this with a half-dozen different files varying in size and complexity.

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One easy solution is to use arcgis toolbox which you can use in your python code. This has a tool called las2shp which will do the job.

Does the LAStoMultipoint3d work just as a tool? if it does then we can try to work out why it doesn't work in python. It also maybe that the output needs to be a fc and not a directory -so "D:/myFolder/Output_MultiZ.shp"


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