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Is it possible to delete a vector layer when a user pans or zooms a map? I saw in the documentation that there is a function called onMapResize. Can this also be used to detect a pan change?

I want to delete a point if the map is panned or zoomed and tried using it in the following way (which does not work):

map.OpenLayers.vectorLayer.onMapResize(console.log('map was moved'))
//use removeAllFeatures() to remove vector points
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Vadim is right. you can do it with registering map moveend and zoomend events."moveend", map, function(){
     var lyr = map.getLayersByName('vectorLayer')[0];
});"zoomend", map, function(){
     var lyr = map.getLayersByName('vectorLayer')[0];

i hope it helps you...

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See the map events.

You want moveend and zoomend.

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