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I have installed OpenLayers and the Openlayers Overview plug-ins but I am not sure if they are working. I can create new 'open' layers from the Openlayers plug-in drop down, but when I try to add a map from the 'Openlayers Overview' window it gives an error stating that 'The version of Openlayers Plugin is 0.93, need be version 0.42!'.

Does this 'Overview Add map' do the same thing as the plugin menu options, in which case I guess there is no problem, I just won't use it or should it something else?

Also, the layers don't have a properties dialog. Is that right?

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Openlayers Overview is deprecated by now. Just pick a new layer from the menu bar.

And you are right that the OL layers don't have properties.

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OK, thanks for the info. I'll remove the plugin. – Peter Cornelissen Aug 15 '12 at 22:45

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