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I just want to know if you are installing Qgis via OSGeo installer on a windows 64 bits OS (XP, vista or 7) Does it install a 32 bits or 64 bits version of QGIS?

Usually the stand alone installer installs a 32 bits version, so I want to use the full potential of my new computer (win 7 64 bits, 16 Mb of Ram)....


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No idea, but I have it (and QGis 1.8) installed on my X64 Win7 and everything works just fine. – shawty Aug 21 '12 at 20:05

64-bit support has to be compiled separately against 64-bit librarys. Currently, there are no 64-bit packages in the osgeo4w Installer list. The 32bit version runs fine with Windows 7.


Since QGIS 2.0, there is a 64bit installer as well. It installs into C:\OSGeo4W64\ and lives happily next to a 32bit installation under C:\OSGeo4W\. They share the same plugins in C:\user\.qgis2\python\plugins.

Unfortunately, the 64bit is more likely to crash or behave strange than the 32 bit one.

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+1 for clarifying that both installations can live together. Thanks. – jjmontes Jul 24 '15 at 9:46

As of August 2013, there a 64-bit version of OSGeo4w. It is currently in Experimental mode, but includes a 64-bit version of QGIS and GRASS, among other features.

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