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i have Feature Class Buildings, it has many fields like this(Region_id,Region_Name,Governorate_Name,Village_id,Village_Name,Building_id,Building_Hight,Building_Area,Floor_No,Residential_Units_No_Commercial_Units_No,Administrative_Units_No_Other_Units_No) my challenge is to reduce the time for populate values, i need when i finished create building polygon, then select it to auto populate parameters of attribute values.

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Check out the documentation on Associating default values and domains with tables and feature classes.

It sounds like that is what you are after.

If not, perhaps you can expand the description of your Question and drop out a few of the field names because once you know how to do this for one or a few fields the rest should be easy.

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thank you@PolyGeo i think it is good idea to work with Domains and Subtypes in this case study. – GIS Man Aug 23 '12 at 10:27

Some of the fields [Region_id,Region_Name, Governorate_Name, Village_id, Village_Name] are based on the location of the building within other polygons. You could create a script to fill in these values based on the building coordinates.

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