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I am able to load raster data into my postrgreSQL data base however when I display in Quantum GIS the pixel height and width of the image is being translated into real world lat/lon coordinates, as a result my image appears 1000 degrees wide and 600 degrees high which is obviously wrong. The Image I am loading is a geotiff ie the coordinate header is embedded in the file rather than a world file.

I am using the following combination of database and software:

Quantum GIS 1.8.0 Postgis 2.0 PostgreSQL 9.1

Can anyone elaborate or point me in the direction of an explanation of how to get the image to load correctly?


This is now working for me as I have tried loading using a tiff file which includes the separate world file (.tfw). So I take it geotiffs with the embedded georeferencing information are not supported?

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