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I'm running a map with lots of different wms layers published by geoserver. Some of them are queryable, some of them are not. How can I tell that with openlayers api? I'm requesting getfeatureinfo and I need to request only the queryable layers, layers with queryable param set to false always return "Layer is not queryable" when requested - and that's what I want to hide from users. I looked into OpenLayers.Map.layers and found no "queryable" property.

UPDATE (to the first commnent): This works fine as long as I use it with localhost:8080/geoserver/wms?service=wms&version=1.1.1&request=GetCapabilities. When I tried to get capabilities from, i got empty array of layers as a result. I'm trying it with the following code:

function getCapabilities(offline) {
    var url = '';
    if (offline) {
        url = 'localhost:8080/geoserver/wms?service=wms&version=1.1.1&request=GetCapabilities';
    else {
        url = ''
    var layers = []
        ,request = OpenLayers.Request.GET({
            url: url
            ,success: function(response) {
                var format = new OpenLayers.Format.XML()
                    ,xml =
                    ,text = format.write(xml)
                    ,CAPformat = new OpenLayers.Format.WMSCapabilities()
                    ,cap =;
                    if (cap.capability) {
                        for (var len = cap.capability.layers.length-1; len >= 0; len -= 1) {
                            if (cap.capability.layers[len].queryable) {
    return layers; //ARRAY
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The "queriable" information is contained in the WMS capabilities document, the one that gets returned when you hit http://host:port/geoserver/ows?request=GetCapabiliites&service=WMS

OpenLayers has this class to parse it:

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Hi, this works fine as long as I use it with localhost:8080/geoserver/…. When I tried to get capabilities from…, i got empty array of layers as a result. – Michal Zimmermann Aug 28 '12 at 12:02
You need a proxy to perform ajax calls outside the domain of your page Same origin policy - wikipedia. – Tommaso Sep 13 '12 at 21:09

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