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Is anyone aware of a script or tool that would allow me to view what users have a paticular mxd open at one time?

We are using ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.1.

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I think you have to rely on your file system for this information.

I've used openfiles from the command prompt to get this information from window file shares. You would need admin access to the actual server, so this might not be an option for you.


INFO: The system global flag 'maintain objects list' needs to be enabled to see local opened files. See Openfiles /? for more information.

Files Opened Remotely via local share points:

ID       Accessed By          Type       Open File (Path\executable)
======== ==================== ========== =====================================
2433     JPC                Windows    C:\temp\checkadd.mxd
2442     JPC                Windows    \PIPE\psexecsvc
2443     JPC                Windows    \PI..execsvc-DDF-FFD-GISM-3396-stdin
2444     JPC                Windows    \PI..xecsvc-DDF-FFD-GISM-3396-stdout
2445     JPC                Windows    \PI..xecsvc-DPU-FFD-GISM-3396-stderr
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It used to be called the Job Tracking eXtension (JTX) but now it is called ArcGIS Workflow Manager

This thing does some really cool stuff. However it is a $$ hit.

If you look on the ArcScripts website I think there is a free "mini" mxd utility that does something like this.

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