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In PostGIS I have two tables: an osm road network and a table that contains the start and end coordinate points of each path (i.e. userid, start_x1, start_y1, end_x2, end_y2). I would like to know: 1) how to create an osm road network that can be used for implementing the Astart algorithm with pgrouting (I actually have an osm road network which I obtained using osm2po and that works fine Dijkstra shortest path algorithm using pgrouting layer plugin) 2) how to find the shortest path of each start and end coordinate points using A-star. Thank you, Selini

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Have you read the pgRouting workshop chapter about A-Star? It should answer your questions.

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You can use, in a smart way, some of the postgis geometry relationship functions to find the nearest node to the given point coordinates, and then make use of the pgrouting functions (shortest_path, shortest_path_astar, etc)

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Thank you. In this regard, I found this post:… – selini Sep 6 '12 at 10:11
but it was not really clear to me.could you please let me know where I else I could read about the function to find the nearest node and/or lyne to the given point coordinate? – selini Sep 6 '12 at 10:21

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