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Im currently using default simple symbol capabilities or dingbat fonts for point objects. Is there maybe a SVG symbol library for qgis that is a bit more extensive than that which is included?

I've found this site which has some icons but its not what im looking for. These are actually more suitable for google maps.

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You'll find some symbols and the way to install them on

  1. Use QGIS 1.7 or higher.
  2. Go to Settings->Style manager.
  3. Hit “Import” button.
  4. Provide path to the “symbology-ng-style-eng.xml” file in this archive.
  5. Pick up needed symbols or choose all of them and hit “Import” button.
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Thank you, i ll give it a shot. What bothers me with the link i posted is, that symbol have arrows which point down, which means that the symbol isn't as useful if you want to place it centered on a feature. – U2ros Sep 4 '12 at 6:18
For me the majority of symbols just have "?" in them... using QGIS Wein 2.8.1 – Tristan Forward Mar 6 '15 at 0:19

Not QGIS-specific, but Maki is a map-specific icon set in SVG from MapBox.

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Tho it's not a set of Symbols, in the noun project you can download many SVG files (under creative commons licence) that can easily used to create composed symbols in QGIS.

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Why not just load a saved image from file onto your composer. For instance i did not like the standard north arrows so saved an image and loaded it on.

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hmm... i dont like the idea of raster symbols. Im not sure if it would be slower to render 1000 raster images as symbols than 1000 vector symbols, but another thing with raster symbols is they dont scale well – U2ros Sep 4 '12 at 11:45
all true. It just got me out of a hole once or twice for printing purposes only. – Ger Sep 4 '12 at 12:31

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