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Is there someone who made a custom time slider? Or someone knows where I can find examples or scripts for this subject? I need a time slider that would work also for years that are B.C. (e.g. 850 BC) and for which I can define an interval like 800 BC - 800 A.D. I am archaeologist and it would be great to have such a "tool". So, basically, I would need a time slider that I can define the years that would be on the slider and when I drag the slider it would make appear on the screen only what is defined to be from that year-decade-century..... Any clues and ideas working for ArcGIS Desktop 10 are welcomed!


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Perhaps this is what you're looking for

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It looks like you use a custom date format that includes "gg" for BC or AD (plus a 4 digit year!). See Converting string or numeric time fields into date format:… – mkennedy Sep 6 '12 at 18:05

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