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I was testing features of QGIS and its really cool.I tried to query each table using right click and query but I can't query sql server 2008 database :

An error occured when executing the query.
The data provider said:
[microsoft][odbc sql server driver][sql server] invalid object name 'table_test'
qodbc3:unable to execute statement

but it works fine with postgis. :Also is there any why to join table and do the query?

enter image description here

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the error hints that there is no table named SITES_2G , so wrong database or wrong schema would be my best guess or odbc driver is case sensitive (that depends how driver escapes table names – simplexio Apr 3 '14 at 6:33

I think you need to have a geometry_columns table in the database in order to connect. Nathan has some more details on this post

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I have already connected to database but it's problem while I query the database – kinkajou Sep 7 '12 at 11:05

you need to define ODBC connection from Admintools -> "Data sources" use name as provider/DNS , then tell QGIS to use it. Also dont enable "only look in the geometry_columns table"

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